Sometimes we have been suffering for so long we believe we are the ONLY ONE that must feel the way we feel, think the way we think or act the way we act.

You are not alone. Group therapy helps you connect to others, your environment and yourself. It builds empathy, compassion and understanding. It accelerates the healing process.

(Please note that we require all group members to also be in individual therapy).

Healing from the Root Group

This group is for people who have experienced painful events and traumas. We create a safe space for you to feel comfortable expressing your story and working on healing. In this group you will connect with others and realize you are not alone.

You develop new skills and learn in a supportive, understanding environment. You will have the opportunity to not only learn from others but teach and tap into your own power and your own successes. We as humans are social creatures and trauma can make us believe that we are completely alone. Group therapy helps us recognize that aspect of being human and heal surrounded by people we know who “get it.”


Learning to Bloom Group

This group incorporates positive psychology, ACT, well-being theory and strengths-based approaches to help you learn to Bloom. In this group, you will be surrounded by others who have done the deeper work of healing and are now exploring the world of thriving.

You will openly discuss the difficulty and pain of living life in the “gray zone.” You will learn how to add color to your life, rediscover your passions, build healthier and stronger relationships, find meaning and purpose and explore the world of self-accomplishment and achievement.

In this group, you will have space, support and time to explore the authentic you, overcome the obstacles holding you back and become the person you were always meant to be.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Adolescence is a particularly stressful time of our lives. It is a time where we are simultaneously trying to become more independent and find where we belong. We struggle to understand our thoughts, feelings and behavior. We search high and low for some sort of connection and understanding but unfortunately often end up finding unhealthy sources.

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) is designed to help teens experience true connection and understanding, reconnect to their authentic selves and gain skills to stay happy, healthy and whole. Our adolescent IOP is unique in that our groups never have more than eight teens at any given time allowing our facilitators to hear, see and empathize with each one. Our small and intimate design also prevents anyone from hiding the background encouraging each member to actively participate.

The program is 9-12 hours per week depending on your needs and begins with developing a highly individualized treatment plan with your therapist utilizing group, individual and family therapy. The groups vary from traditional talk therapy, expressive therapy (art, music, dance and psychodramas), somatic/yoga therapy, mindfulness/meditation and parent support groups.

Allow us the honor of helping your teen bloom into the amazing person you know they are deep inside.