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Fear and Anxiety Counseling

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You know what it is like to walk through life always on edge, masking your pain with anything that works, struggling to control the emotions inside of you, exploding on friends and family, the energy it takes to always have an exit plan and attempting to control a world that can’t be controlled. Life does not have to be constant fight or flight. Let us help you heal those traumas.


You know the fear of making any decision or even worse… a mistake, the racing heart that comes with doing something, anything really, the exhaustion from constantly worrying about anything and everything that happens; the dread of walking into a room and feeling all eyes are on you. Learn to embrace your mistakes and become stronger for them

You know the anxiety of any change: moving out, going to college, career shift, even building a family. The fear of failure, the fear of success, the loneliness of being independent, the struggle of asking for help, the questioning and doubt that enters your head at these life transitions. We can help you manage this uncharted waters with courage and confidence.


Maybe life just isn’t where you expected it to be. You know what it’s like to have someone walk all over you, to try your hardest to please others even if it means sacrificing your own happiness, to struggle with the same unhealthy and destructive relationship patterns over and over again, to take on all the blame and shame you can handle until it’s too much. Maybe being a parent isn’t what you thought it would be or your career has lead to a mindless march through the mundane. You can live differently; take control of your life and thrive.

You know what that life is like…now it’s time to Bloom.

We help you reconnect with others, with your environment but most importantly, with yourself. We teach you skills to handle unwanted thoughts, harness your emotions, relax your body and mind, match your behavior to your values and ultimately live the life of true authenticity. We help you become the person you were always meant to be. One who embraces life, who embodies strength, who radiates love and compassion, who creates beauty and joy, who flourishing in all areas of their life.

Imagine what your life could be like if you healed your suffering, embraced life to its fullest, gained meaning and purpose, had healthy relationships and accomplished what so few have – blooming into what you were always meant to be.

We help you Heal from the Root.


There are many things in our past, present, and future that can make our day-to-day life tougher than it needs to be. Living with a massive weight on your shoulders is not how life was intended to be. We can learn to heal from past hardships, stop beating ourselves up, let go of fear and anxiety. Life is a beautiful experience; one where you can live a life of abundance and happiness.

Here at Bloom Recovery, we help you heal the deep wounds so you can begin to grow, flourish, and thrive. We help you heal from the root of your past traumas and hardships. We help identify past experiences that have created the roadblocks holding you back from thriving. We assist you in healing those psychological wounds and help guide you to a clear path to a better life.

Ready to Bloom?

Imagine what your life could be like if you healed your suffering, embraced life to its fullest, gained meaning and purpose, had healthy relationships, and accomplished what so few have…becoming what you were always meant to be, to Bloom.