Coaching and Consultation

Our coaching and consultation services are a little different than our other services in that, instead of healing from the root and learning to bloom, you are learning and growing from the root.

At Bloom Recovery, we want to end the stigma surrounding mental health and help business owners and CEOs specifically with our coaching and consultation services because the suicide rate among CEOs is tremendously higher than it is among the general population. We want to help these people find balance, meaning, and purpose by getting to the root of their problem.

Our coaching and consultation services are meant for people who are successful on the outside but on the inside, riddled with anxiety and feeling like they shouldn’t be doing as well as they are professional, such as a CEO, a business owner or an entrepreneur who is together enough that they’re doing incredibly well professionally but stress of running their business or work is too overwhelming.

Have you ever felt that at any moment, people are going to find you out for being a fraud?

Every time you go into work, are you terrified that you’re not going to know what you’re supposed to be doing?

On the outside, these people appear to be doing really well but because of their past and whatever has been holding them back, they struggle to really live that part of themselves. The difference between therapy and coaching is this: With therapy, we have a diagnosis and a treatment plan, which can be very medically based. Coaching is more along the lines of setting up a specific goal, helping someone understand how to attain this goal while also showing them what barriers may be blocking them from achieving that goal, then holding them accountable in terms of reaching whatever the ultimate goal may be.

A lot of times, people go to therapy and they’ve prescribed a pill and it does help for that moment but does not get to the actual cause of the problem. People can come here to dig deep and go after the root of the problem. Heal and grow to become the best possible version of you.

Everything that people have a problem with generally stems from some sort of past traumatic event. This trauma can come from anywhere – it doesn’t need to be just for combat veterans with PTSD but it could be that one of your parents was bi-polar growing up and you never felt that they were stable enough to take care of you. It could be someone who was bullied a lot in high school and now when the boss speaks sternly to you, it feels like you’re being bullied all over again. These traumas are not always a life and death situations but could be the result of growing up in a chaotic environment that wasn’t very secure or stable. Divorce is another traumatic event that creates a lot of anxiety or depression for people.

The whole idea behind our coaching and consulting services is a four-stage process:

  • Reconnecting Phase

    We focus on how people can get reconnected with their thoughts, emotions, body sensations and spiritual side of determining if they’re on the right path for their life. We want them to reconnect to other people in their world so they don’t feel alone. Reconnect with their environment so they can feel grounded and secure.

  • Skills Phase

    We help teach people the skills needed to regulate their emotions or stop negative thoughts, relax their body and developing the skills to manage life in general – communication skills, relationship skills and whatever else they may need to take control of their life again.

  • Process/Overcoming Phase

    We help people learn to overcome what’s really been holding them back their entire life. Whether it has been past trauma or negative thinking patterns and beliefs, we dig into the root of the problem. We can redo this phase until we have the connection and skills necessary to address the root issue. Otherwise people can get flooded and overwhelmed.

  • Blooming Phase

    At this point, we focus on people taking their lives back and becoming the best possible version of themselves at that moment. Since they are used to living with trauma or anxiety, they don’t know how else to live. They have lived this way for so long that when they are no longer affected by it, they’re not sure what to do with their new outlook once they’ve addressed the root of their problem. This is where we help you become you again.