Our Learning to Bloom program takes therapy to the next level.

It is not uncommon, after people have healed to feel as if they do not know who they are or what they are to do with their lives.

For so long they have been living life clouded by their trauma, depression, anxiety, or addiction they do not know how to live any other way.

Learning to Bloom takes the evidenced based works of positive psychology, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), mindfulness practices, well-being theory, and strengths based approaches and applies to the real world.

Imagine living the life you were always meant to live.

Imagine living a life full of positive emotion, engagement, healthy relationships, meaning, and accomplishment.

Imagine a life where you took your best qualities and used them to flourish and thrive.

Imagine living a life according to YOUR values. Picture what your life would be like if you were more resilient, self compassionate, grateful, and forgiving.

Imagine where your life would be if you did all this a year ago.

Teens to Bloom

At Bloom Recovery, we recognize the struggle that teens go through. We remember the struggles in high school, the drama with friends, the fights with families, and the longing to be more independent.

We work with teens to help them heal their past emotional scars all the while becoming more resilient, independent, responsible, and overall increase their well being.

We believe Teens to Bloom will lead to a better world for everyone.

We use a number of creative and fun approaches to help teens openly process and discuss their struggles. Through art therapy, music therapy, somatic expression, and psychodrama we help teens communicate in the ways that gets their main thoughts, feelings, and beliefs out without actually needing to voice them all the time.

At Bloom Recovery, we believe that teens not only need a safe place to openly discuss their suffering, but they need a place to tap into their creativity and fully express and embrace their own thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

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