Bloom Recovery is excited to announce it's new podcast "The Root of it All" a podcast all about mental health. Here is a link to the first episode (just an introduction really) and I hope you all enjoy it! It is my hope that with this podcast I can help end the stigma...

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Psychological Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

This article comes from The Advocates Injury Attorneys of Utah. They work with people to help them get back on their feet after accidents and other traumatic events. Check out their blog for more information on trauma and legal help. Adam glided down the road on his...

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Why You Should Talk About Your Tattoos With Your Therapist.

I’m a tattooed therapist. I have six total, four of which are easily visible if I wear a short sleeved shirt. I love my tattoos and put a lot of thought and energy into their creation. For the longest time I covered them up when I was in session. This was partly due...

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3 Ways to Improve Your Wellbeing

People often ask, “What are some simple steps to take to improve my mental health/wellbeing.” Although there are no magic bullets and there is no one thing that can completely change your life if you do it just once, I have found that there are three things that if...

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5 Actions to Overcome a Break-up

We have all been there. We think we have found “The One,” our “Soul Mate,” and it all crumbles away. Break-ups can leave use destroyed; we feel unlovable; we tell ourselves horrible lies like “you’re disgusting,”...

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I love dreams. They are not only freaky fun, but they often give us a glimpse of what we need to be focusing or working on. Although it true that we do not fully know the purpose or value of dreams one theory is that it is our minds ways of processing,...

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What is Therapy?

We all know the image of what therapy is; the cliché of a patient laying down on a couch and the therapist sitting behind them taking notes. This may be what some need in order to heal, but honestly, it’s a little outdated. Therapy is so much...

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