Psychological Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

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Adam glided down the road on his way home from work.  A new Netflix series was waiting for him.  He had been anxiously anticipating its release date for a few months.  Now it was finally here!  Adam was always a cautious driver.  He was anxious to get home, but not so much that he was going to drive recklessly.

As he approached an intersection, he noticed the light was green and looked ahead to be sure it was clear.  As he pulled into the intersection, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a sudden speeding blur.

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion.  The sound of metal crashing into metal echoed as a car ran a red light and slammed into Adam’s car.  Adam’s body wrenched forward, being yanked against his seatbelt.  With a thundering blast, the airbags deployed immediately.   The car tires screeched as the entire vehicle spun.  Adam felt an abrupt spasm of pain shoot through his neck and back as his body accelerated back against his seat.  As the chaotic motion of everything stopped, everything went silent.  Adam sat, stunned, processing what had just happened.

Shock, worry, disbelief, nervousness, anger, guilt, and many other emotions are possible feelings following a car accident.  Anyone who has been involved in an accident understands that the ensuing days, weeks, and months can be extremely stressful.  A motor vehicle accident is a common cause of traumatic stress.  In one study, a motor vehicle accident was shown to be the traumatic event most frequently experienced by males and the second by females in the United States.

When this stress starts to interfere with the way you live your life for an extended period, it can be dangerous.  According to the American Psychological Association (APA), the longer your stress lasts, the worse it is for both mind and body.  When you are plagued by stress that is encroaching on your life, the APA recommends identifying what is causing your stress, building strong relationships, walking away when you are angry, resting your mind, and getting help with the thing that is causing your stress.

Following a car accident, there are significant hurdles that the victim has to overcome.  Not only do victims have to recover from their physical injuries, but there are associated medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and other potentially debilitating issues.  All of these things can be significant causes of stress.

One of the things that can reduce or eliminate much of a victim’s stress is getting help and developing a plan of action with a personal injury attorney.  If someone was the victim of an accident because of another person’s recklessness, a personal injury attorney could help in deferring medical bills, recovering lost wages, speaking with an employer, finding a mechanic, assisting with a rental car, as well as other services.

It is important to realize that stress is not the same for everyone.  Stress affects each person differently.  For someone like Adam, it is possible that dealing with the effects of his car accident by hiring a personal injury attorney might reduce his likelihood to relive and suffer from that event.  In a way, by hiring a lawyer, Adam is dealing with the problem.  As the APA points out, there is not a universally effective stress reducing technique.  Rather, each person is unique and different.  Adapting and adjusting to what works best for you is critical in helping to reduce your stress following a serious accident.

Disclaimer: This blog is designed for educational, informational, and entertainment purposes. It not meant to be a substitute for any mental health or medical treatment. If you need a doctor or therapist please find one near you. Please do not attempt to do anything without your doctor and therapist or other professional’s go ahead, and remember to use common sense.