We all know the image of what therapy is; the cliché of a patient laying down on a couch and the therapist sitting behind them taking notes. This may be what some need in order to heal, but honestly, it’s a little outdated. Therapy is so much more than just coming and telling someone all your problems. Here are three components that make therapy truly healing.


Therapy is about connection. Firstly, its about connecting to your therapist; experiencing and learning what it is like to have someone truly listen to you with compassion and empathy.  Secondly, it’s about learning to tune into who you really are and recognizing how your mind, heart, body, and spirit affect each other and ultimately how to get them to all work together instead of battling within. Lastly, therapy is about connecting to everything around us: our relationships, our environments, our family and friends, our jobs, and the world as a whole.


Therapy is about discovering infinite possibilities. When you learn to embrace your most authentic self and live a life that is true to who you are your potential and the possibilities explode. You learn that your own thoughts and feelings were the main obstacle holding you back. Once you learn to challenge and overcome those barriers you quickly learn to thrive.


Lastly, therapy is about hope. Often times we have been so beaten down not only by the world but mostly by the lies we tell ourselves. We tell ourselves that things are hopeless; that things will never change, and that we are destined to repeat the same cycles over and over again. Therapy helps you regain hope. It may not happen right away but the right therapist can hold hope for you, encourage, and support you so that you can learn that life is full of hope. H.O.P.E Hold On Pain Ends.

Therapy is about connection, possibilities, and hope. The roots of a tree are connected to the earth and everything within it; when things are as they should be the tree grows and thrives; it blooms into all its infinite possibilities; it spreads it branches toward the sky with hopeful anticipation. A healthy tree can withstand the strongest winds, the most powerful storms, and even when the Earth itself shakes it stands tall, unfazed. The same is true for us. Our minds, hearts, bodies, and spirits are all connected, and our essence is connected to the world around us. When we learn to be connected, embrace endless possibilities, and face life with renewed hope we can let go of our resistance, our barriers and obstacles; we can bloom to withstand any storm.