Healing the past to enjoy the present and be heading towards your ideal future

The events of our past often hold us back from living the life we want.

It is sometimes easy to spot the big traumas in our lives: car accidents, combat, assault, abuse, grief, and loss, but the more subtle traumas can be harder to see. These events are frequently overlooked and dismissed as “just life” but nonetheless leave lasting impacts on who we are, how we view our world, and how we interact with others. These events can include anything from growing up in a divorced household, being bullied, having a parent who struggled with addiction who was not always available.

Healing from the Root
Healing from the Root

Why ‘Healing from the Root’?

With our Healing from the Root mindset we aim to help you identify the events of your past that have left psychological and emotional scars and help you heal them through a number of different methods and approaches. Healing from the Root takes a holistic approach. We help you recognize the connection between your mind, heart, body, and spirit and the disconnect that trauma has created.


We help you recognize, organize, and slow down your thoughts. We help you understand that your thoughts are not your reality and to not be driven by them but to allow them to flow like the ocean tide.

Healing from the Root


We help you tap in emotionally. We are here for you to truly feel and express your emotional needs. Here you are free to feel everything you have been sweeping under the rug. We help you accept your emotions, not fight or bury them, and begin living your life with an open heart.


Our bodies communicate to us all the time but it is often blocked or disconnected. We hold our stress, traumas, and struggles in our bodies; at Bloom Recovery we help you listen and pay attention to your body and how to use your body to heal, become stronger, and more resilient.

Healing from the Root
Healing from the Root


So often in life we are told we can’t do something or that we should strive for what we do. This forces use to live an inauthentic life, a falsehood, a lie. We help you recognize what is right for you, identify your Way, walk your Path, and live a life that is true to your spirit and who you are.

We teach you skills to decrease your fight or flight response, challenge unwanted thoughts, regulate emotions, and begin to accept and fully experience them so you can have more control in your life. We help you heal those painful memories by addressing them in session while using the skills you learned to maintain a relaxed body, calm mind, healthy emotion, and fully embraced spirit. This leads a greater awareness and appreciation for life, where you gain more insights, and live in the present moment rather than being control by your past experiences. We help you get back on track and living a life unhindered by the wounds of the past.