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Outpatient Alcohol Detox Orange County

Outpatient Alcohol Detox Orange County

The alcohol rehabilitation process involves more than medication and detox. At Experience Recovery, our recommended treatment plan involves inpatient and outpatient alcohol detox in Orange County, along with extensive aftercare services depending on each patient's needs and recovery goals.

What treatment do I need for alcohol addiction?

If you require detox and rehab in orange county, choosing the ideal rehabilitation program can make a world of difference. Most patients require detox services, followed by inpatient care to effectively stabilize and recover from their condition. This is the most reliable treatment combination for tackling the first phase of the rehab treatment and ensuring the patients' constant progress throughout their recovery journey. For long-term benefits, however, you also need to consider outpatient services at your facility of choice for their defining role in promoting long-lasting sobriety and healthy living.

Our premier drug and alcohol rehab in Orange County, CA, promotes healthy and balanced recovery from addiction via medication, holistic healing procedures, and peer support. The outpatient program fits perfectly here, allowing individuals to participate in rehab while caring for their daily educational, familial, or professional obligations at the same time.

Who is the perfect candidate for outpatient rehabilitation, and who is not?

The perfect profile is that of the individual who has already completed a form of detox and inpatient treatment prior to signing in the outpatient program. This means that they have already completed more intensive forms of treatment to help them overcome the addiction and address their more severe co-occurring disorders.

Our referral partner's outpatient Orange County addiction treatment will build on that, providing patients with a comfortable and advantageous recovery system at their own disposal. Patients can participate in weekly recovery sessions relying on medication, therapy, counseling, healthy living support, and sobriety maintenance education and assistance. You get to return home after each treatment session or stay in one of our living facilities if that suits you better.

Those who don't qualify for our outpatient detox and treatment in Orange County are individuals coping with advanced addiction conditions and mental disorders. These people require intensive care, medication, psychiatric assistance, and dual diagnosis treatment to stabilize and begin their recovery journey in a safe, comfortable, and controlled environment. Only after completing this treatment phase will they be able to join the outpatient program to further their sobriety goals and embrace a healthier and more balanced lifestyle over the years.

Find the best substance abuse treatment in orange county!

Alcohol addiction is not a trivial condition, and you need to take it seriously to avoid its more serious downfalls over the years. Untreated, it may wreak havoc in your personal, professional, and familial life, affecting you and the people you love. Inpatient and outpatient alcohol detox in orange county can help you prevent that.

Call Experience Recovery at 800-970-3973, speak to our addiction specialist, and make an appointment today for clinical intake, detox, and treatment planning. You can recover and heal in our supportive rehab environment, as our specialists will supervise and guide you throughout your recovery journey.

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Outpatient Alcohol Detox Orange County
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