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Drug Rehab Colmar Pennsylvania

Drug Rehab Colmar Pennsylvania

Drug rehab Colmer Pennsylvania is an essential step to the recovery from drug addiction. The first step in drug addiction recovery or drug rehab is the process of detox and withdrawals. This is when your body eliminates the drugs that are in the system. Withdrawals can be hard to get through. Detox needs to be done in a controlled medical environment. It could be dangerous to try to go through detox and withdrawals on your own. During this time you need to be in a medically controlled environment where you could be given medications to make the withdrawals a little easier. You are also monitored continuously by doctors and nurses. This is a period when the cravings are bad and by being in a facility where there are no drugs available makes it easier to resist those cravings.

After you complete the detox program, you are then ready to be moved to a Drug Rehab Colmer Pennsylvania. At the drug rehab, you will be attending group therapy daily and individual counseling a few times a week. This will help you recognize why you crave drugs and how to handle these cravings. You may also attend other types of therapy like art, meditation or exercise. Inpatient drug rehab lasts for a week up to a few months. Your doctor will decide this based on your progress.

After Inpatient Rehab is completed, some rehab centers offer Partial inpatient Rehab. Here you will be at the center during the day. You will receive the group sessions and individual counseling just as you did before. The sessions may not be as often. At night can stay at a sober house or your home if it is close enough to the center.

The next phase and drug rehab is outpatient therapy. You will still receive both group and individual therapy sessions in this phase, but they will be once a week now. You are starting to get ready to live at home. At this phase, the 12-step program or another self-help program will be introduced. Outpatient therapy duration can vary depending on your progress.

The last phase of your recovery is aftercare. Montco Recovery offers an excellent Aftercare for this program. Here you are taught how to live without drugs or medication. You will learn that drug addiction is an illness and to recover it will take a very long time. Rehab gives you the basics and helps you to get you started. Many recovering addicts left work on every part of their life. This includes employment, family, education, housing and more. Groups are fundamental now because they will help you learn how to get through the tough times. By listening and sharing experiences, you will also begin to understand that you are not the only one with the feelings you experience.

Montco recovery knows that drug abuse recovery is tough and we are there to help you every step of the way. Our desire is for you to recover successfully and not relapse into drug addiction again.

Drug Rehab Colmar Pennsylvania
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