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Couples Therapist Salt Lake City

Couples Therapist Salt Lake City

All types of human relationships can be a lot of work to maintain. However, romantic relationships come with their own unique issues that might make them seem even more complicated for some people. Sometimes you just need a little help to get back on track, and here’s where couple therapy comes in. 

Are you considering getting therapy with your loved one?It is only normal that you have questions and doubts. Here are some frequently asked questions about couple therapists in Salt Lake City. 

  • Who are Couple Therapists?

Therapists are trained professionals who specialize in helping people develop better emotional skills. They are unbiased,non judgemental and very emphatic.

A couple therapist helps to improve and strengthen relationships between two individuals and resolve interpersonal issues.

  • Why Do Couples Need Therapy?

The world of love, relationship and marriage is filled with it's ups and downs,couples from different backgrounds, upbringings and ideology. As such, there would be challenges and differences between couples some of which a therapist would be needed.

Therapy and counseling can help couples improve communication, strengthen relationships as well as boosting their self esteem and self value.

Here are a few reasons couples might need therapy:

  • Growing Apart

After a number of years together, couples tend to grow apart. Living in the same house as if they are housemates.

Some of these couples live without having any form of emotional attachment or intimacy between each other.

  • When There has been Unfaithfulness From a Partner or Both

Although forgiveness is not so far fetched after unfaithfulness but forgetting takes  a whole lot healing. It takes commitment and a willingness to forgive.

  • When the Only Solution Seems to be Separation

Couples often need a time out but when it stretches out to days, weeks and months or when the couples prefer staying away from home which might lead to temporary separation, this might be a strong signal for a therapist to intervene.

  • When the Only Reason they are Together is the Children

If this is the only reason a couple are still together, then there is an urgent need for the services of a Relationship Therapist or a marriage Counselor.

Though Children are important in marriage but they should not be the sole reason for a couple being together. Children are very intuitive and can sense negativity. No matter how parents try to pretend,this might just impact on the children negatively and might even ruin their self-esteem in the long run.

  • Mental or Emotional Challenges

Couples tend to drift apart if one or both of them is going through some emotional challenges. This could be due to loss of a loved one, trauma, addiction or change in behavioral patterns.

At this stage, the couple should seek the services of a licensed therapist.

Although it is important to get Couple therapists, however, it is important to get very good and trusted therapists so as not to add more negativity to the  challenges of the couples.

Not all relationships and marriages can be salvaged. In the process of therapy, some of these couples might find out that it is healthier to go their separate ways rather than staying together. However, separation does not have to be done with animosity and this is a reason couple therapy is necessary.

A couple therapist also helps couples who are willing to commit why they fell in love and resuscitate their love.

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Couples Therapist Salt Lake City
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