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Children Medical nutrition

Children Medical nutrition

Childhood remains the most critical stage in the growth of a person. It’s a crucial stage where kids establish their mental and physical abilities. Therefore, scientists picked up the interest in determining a child’s optimal dietary requirements, which will facilitate and enhance this growth and development. They include factors such as the quality, quantity, nutrient components, and timing of every meal. 

Why Nutrition is Important to a Child

There is unarguably a strong bond between nutrition, learning, and health. Nutrition is regarded as one of the three primary factors responsible for a child’s growth, with the other two factors known to be genes and the environment. Although the intake of a particular meal isn’t enough to guarantee your child smartness or brilliancy, it’s scientifically proven that balanced nutrition in a child’s early years can impact their health and academic performance in later years.

Nutrition For Kids

Kids below the age of five are in an influential time, where they develop healthy lifestyle habits that can last forever. They have an irregular appetite due to their rapid growth. This is very much normal for preschoolers, and parents must offer a good selection so these kids can be set up with viable options. Based on their age, size, and gender, the breakdown of grains, vegetables, fruits, and dairy varies. One essential component for developing preschool children is calcium intake. They need more calcium to develop strong, healthy teeth and bones.   

Although dairy milk is a good source of calcium, it’s not suitable for preschoolers because it is less bioavailable to developing bodies. Calcium can be sourced from for preschoolers from dark leafy greens like broccoli, kale, or bok choy instead of dairy milk. About 300 mg calcium with a 45% absorption rate can be gotten from ½ cup of cooked leafy greens.

Also, another vital supplement to focus on for preschoolers is fibre. Fibre prevents constipation and aid digestion. Fibre can be sourced from whole grain products and even vegetables and fruits. Convincing your child to consume vegetables over starch processed food like spaghetti could be challenging. However, it’s going to make an impact. 

School-aged Child Nutrition

Every individual must maintain a balanced diet and regular exercise, school-aged children (6-12 years) especially. These kids must eat from every food group to ensure the appropriate consumption of all minerals and vitamins.

Inadequate nutrition doesn’t only negatively affect the quality of life of school-aged children, but also the possibilities of benefiting from education. For school-aged kids, optimal nutrition can be achieved by eating three square meals daily with nutritious snacks, while limiting excess sugar consumption and high-fat food. When they consume a substantial amount of vegetables, lean meats, fruits, and low dairy products, including cheese, yoghurt, or milk, they can meet their calcium requirement and prevent other medical problems like developing weak bone and overweight. 

With adequate nutrition for school-aged children, they are guaranteed a healthy life, allowing them to grow to full potential.

Pediatric Nutrition for Health Problems

Providing your children with proper pediatric nutrition is vital for their today’s health and the future. In short, what you feed your kids with can affect their health when they become adults. When a child is born, the newborn’s life is set on a track to achieve one of the following; either a healthy lifestyle or an unhealthy one. Parents who offer their kids with the right nutrition option throughout their childhood has kept such child away from obesity and other several diseases that can arise in adulthood like diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension.    

Stepping Stones Pediatric Therapy utilizes a thorough approach to pediatric care that appreciates the role of nutrition in your child’s life. We are always open to offering children medical nutrition to new moms to nurture their babies properly, and we also provide nutritional consultation to toddlers, preteens, and adolescents parents. 

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Children Medical nutrition
Stepping Stones Pediatric Therapy

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